Friday, February 5, 1971

A Survey of Business and Finance Libraries in Greater Manila


Course: Master of Arts in Library Science

School: Centro Escolar University, Manila

Subject Area: Special Libraries

Year of Graduation: 1971

Research Problem
This is a survey of 21 business and finance libraries located in Greater Manila concerning the: 1) size; experience; and educational background of their staff; 2) size and subject specialties of the collections; 3) nature of the services rendered to clientele; and 4) adequacy of the physical facilities for the service functions.

The questionnaire-checklist technique was used in securing information on the status of the libraries. In the absence of standards designed specifically for business and finance libraries, the following references were used as evaluation tools: 1. “Objectives and Standards for Special Libraries.” Published by the Professional Standards Committee of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) in the United States; 2. “Sources of Business Information,” Edwin T. Coman, Jr; 3. Special Library Standards, Statistics, and Performance Evaluation,” by Gordon E. Rendall in Special Libraries, vol. 56, p379-86 (July-Aug. 1965); and 4. Ulrich’s International Periodicals Directory.

Findings and Conclusions
The survey indicated that majority of the libraries are one-man libraries. A majority of the head librarians are up to the SLA standards as regards educational qualifications and experience. Similarly, the libraries came up to the SLA standards as regards the service functions. However, their book collections and physical facilities are far from adequate.
Source: Journal of Philippine Librarianship (4: 151-152) 1971