Wednesday, October 4, 2000



Course:  Master of Arts in Education Major in Library Science

School: The National Teachers College

Subject Area: Library collection; Library services, Library facilities

Year of Graduation: March 2000

The increasing demand for higher education during the past few decades has resulted in the expansion of almost all colleges in the nation into multipurpose institution. Before one can fairly judge the effectiveness of the school’s program, it is necessary to examine the existing library resource since the quality of the library is an indicator for quality education. It is often believed that the best universities have the beast libraries. Consequently, unless a college or university continues to maintain its library resources in response to the present academic and research needs as well as in anticipation of future needs, such library ceases to be effective in performing its function in the academic community.

Statement of the problem:
This study aimed to assess the existing library resources, facilities and services of the University of Perpetual Help System Laguna, specifically, it aimed to answer the following questions:
  1. What was the profile of the respondents as regards:
1.1   age, 1.2 sex, 1.3 educational attainment and 1.4 civil status?
  1. How adequate were the existing library resources/facilities?
  2. To what extent was the utilization of the school’s library services?
  3. What problems were met by the respondents in terms of:
4.1. Collection, 4.2. Facilities, 4.3. Services
       5. What recommendations/suggestions were offered by the respondents to solve the problems in
                Terms of:
                5.1. Collection, 5.2. Facilities, 5.3. Services

The researcher used the descriptive method method with the questionnaire as the primary instrument in gathering the data. It was used to determine the status, to tell “what exists,” since the main purpose of the study was to make an assessment of the library resources, facilities and services of the University of Perpetual Help System Laguna.
  1. On Resources/Facilities – The collections and facilities were rated as adequate by the students, faculty and librarians.
  2. On Extent of Utilization of Library Services – The three respondents rated the extent of the utilization of the library services as average in extent, it means that the library services were utilized and implemented.
  3. On Problems met – The problems met by the respondents in terms of collection were the library has few recent published books, lack of newspapers and magazines, audiovisual materials are not in the library and vertical file materials are not up-to-date. The problems met in terms of facilities were lack of airconditioning units and computers, lack of tables and chairs and the card catalog is not up-to-date. The problems met in terms of services were the librarians do not have time to assist the reader, the library rules and regulations are not well explained, the library do not practice interlibrary loan and lack of photocopier.
  4. On the recommendations/suggestions offered – To solve the problems in terms of collection, the library should purchase new updated books, subscribe to additional journals and periodicals, audiovisual materials should be placed in the library, update the vertical file materials are among the recommendations/suggestions offered by the respondents. In terms of facilities, the library should acquire additional airconditioning units and computers, purchase additional tables and chairs, and update the card catalog. In services, the librarian should assist the readers in locating information, explain well the library rules and regulations during the orientation, practice interlibrary loan, acquire additional photocopier. 
Based on the findings of the study, the following conclusion were drawn: 1) The students and faculty of the UPHSL are frequent library users and have different library needs and demands. 2) The current library of UPHSL were perceived by the respondents to be adequate except for some areas which need to be improved and developed. 3) There were no significant differences found in the perceptions of the respondents on the present library resources, facilities and services. 4) A variety of problems met encountered by the respondents but the situation are still tolerable on the part of the library users. 5) The UPHSL Library had averagely met the standards and requirments set by the Commission on Higher Education, and 6) The indications drawn-up from the study can now serve as a starter to further improvee the library resources, facilities and services.

  1. Library staff – An additional number of qualified staff who are license should be provided to man the different service areas and for eventual preparation for training on computerization. Regular training should be given to the library staff. Library staff should be consistent in adhering to library rules and regulations.
  2. Physical Facilities – To improve students’ use of materials and service conditions for the readers comfort should be improved. Additional airconditioning should be installed for better and conducive sorrounding. The card catalog and vertical file collections should be updated for the use of the faculty and the students.
  3. Library collection – A Five Year Library Collection Development Program should be formulated to acquire more references, specifically, the recent editions of the curricula and general references to balance the selection and acquisitions of library materials. Research advisory service should be provided to expose the students to more materials needed for research. Audiovisual and the electronic materials should be available to students and there should be a separate room to house all these materials. To maintain the quality of the library collection, a weeding program to discard outdated books and obsolete materials should be undertaken. Purchase new updated books.
  4. Library Services – There is a need to redefine and evaluate the objectives of the library services to give more emphasis on the importance of the library research and to improve the students’ use of the library. The circulation and reference service should be expanded by the provision of many computers for the online public access catalog (OPAC) for quick and easy access to the library resources available. Students and faculty should be properly informed on the newly acquired materials.