Friday, February 2, 1996

An Assessment of the Sariaya Institute Library: Basis for a Library Development Plan

Researcher: AUREA G. ORIACEL

Course: Master of Arts in Library Science

School: Centro Escolar University, Philippines

Subject Area: Academic Libraries - Development Plan

Year of Graduation: 1996

Research Problem
The study tried to determine how well and adequate were the collection, the staff, the services and facilities of the library in carrying out its purpose in support of the needs of its users.

The research personally distributed copies of the questionnaires to the student-respondents in each year level during their respective library hours. Retrieval rate of the accomplished questionnaires was 100 percent.

Treatment of Data
The answers to the questionnaires were tallied and tabulated and computations were presented through the use of tables of frequencies and percentages. The mean was also used to enable the researcher to compare the respondents' perceptions and opinions on the status of the collection, services, use and the facilities of the library.

Findings and Conclusions
1. The Sariaya Institute Library, although it had begun developing its collection, was generally inadequate with regard to the required minimum library standards for secondary schools. The staff and the general references, however, were found adequate.

2. The physical facilities are not adequate to accommodate the required number of students.

3. Maximum limit of two books on loan is not sufficient to meet the information needs of the users.

4. The Sariaya Institute Library Development Plan which was designed to guide the library's operation into more functional and useful high school library must be implemented. It aims update and developed its collection, staff, services, facilities and use to meet the needs of its clientele and enhance its capability ti support the curriculum of the school. It is imperative that the plan be adequately sourced and made operational.

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