Sunday, February 2, 1997

A Five-Year Development Plan for the Adventist University of the Philippines Academy Library


Course: Master of Arts in Library Science

School: Centro Escolar University, Manila

Subject Area: Academic Libraries-Development Plan

Year of Graduation: 1997

Research Problem
This study attempted to formulate a five-year development plan for the Adventist University of the Philippines (AUP) Academy Library in order to improve its current condition. The development plan covered the following aspects: a) staffing; b) financial support; c) holdings; d) selection, organization and maintenance of collections; and e) physical facilities and services. In addition, the development plan was based on the situational study of the AUP Academy Library and the perception of its users.

The descriptive survey method was used in this study, and it involved 182 respondents, consisting of 160 students and 22 faculty members. There were two sets of survey questionnaire that were administered. The first set was intended to obtain the perceptions of the AUP Academy Library users while the second set was used to determine its present status. The gathered data were tabulated and fed into a computer for statistical analysis. The frequency distribution, mean and standard deviation were the statistical measures used in analyzing the data.

Findings and Conclusions
1. The library staff was adequate in number; however, the academic librarian required upgrading.
2. The financial support was not enough to support the library’s improvement and therefore other means should be explored.
3. The library holdings were adequate for the school population, but might need expansion if the school population would increase.
4. The selection of materials should be a cooperative activity among the librarian, the school head, and the faculty.
5. The physical facilities and services were adequate and satisfactory. Perceptions of the respondents about the AUP Academy Library corroborated the findings of the ACSS-AA. The library aspects of holdings, selections, organization and maintenance of collections, and physical facilities and services were perceived to be “good” and were described as moderately extensive and functioning well.
6. The current condition of the AUP Academy Library could be improved by implementing the Five-Year Development Plan.
7. The proposed Five-Year Development Plan for the AUP Academy Library should be implemented according to the timetable prescribed and actual results of the plan should be monitored and analyzed so that appropriate changes could be made making certain that the objectives would be attained.

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