Tuesday, June 2, 1981

The Adequacy of the Collections and Services of the Elementary and Secondary School Libraries in Malabon, Metro Manila


Course: Master of Arts in Library Science

School: Philippine Women’s University, Manila

Subject Area: School Libraries-Malabon

Year of Graduation: 1981

Statement of the Problem
This study was undertaken to find out the adequacy of the 30 elementary and secondary school libraries both private and public in Malabon, Metro Manila, during the school year 1978-1979 with reference to the staff, budget, physical facilities with emphasis on collections, services and students’ use of the library.

The researcher utilized the normative evaluative survey using the questionnaire, interview and documentary analysis.

1. The library collections of the public elementary and secondary schools as to books, periodicals, vertical file and audiovisual for students and teachers were deficient. The private elementary and secondary school libraries were inadequate in some fields of its book collection like Filipiniana, supplementary readers and audiovisual materials. Books and magazines for teachers were lacking;
2. Library services needed by students and teachers were not properly rendered by the public school librarians both elementary and school and in some private schools;
3. Elementary school librarians are Education graduates, given teaching loads and work on part-time basis in the library. The secondary school librarians are B.S.E. graduates with major in Library Science and worked on full time basis although some are assigned to do part time teaching;
4. Budgets of the elementary and secondary school libraries were inadequate for library needs;
5. Libraries of elementary and secondary schools both private and public lacked the necessary rooms, furniture, equipment and supplies;
6. Private elementary pupils used the library for their research and recreational needs while the public elementary pupils did not. Majority of the students of both the private and public school sometimes went to the library and made use of their resources.

1. Library collections of the public elementary and secondary schools for the students and teachers were inadequate. Private elementary and secondary schools were insufficient in some areas of their library collection;
2. Library services rendered by the school librarians were inadequate in most libraries;
3. Elementary school librarians worked as teachers and assigned as part-time librarians. The secondary school librarians worked full time in the library and some with occasional part-time teaching;
4. The main problem of school libraries is lack of funds for library development.
5. School libraries were not provided with the standard facilities;
6. Private elementary pupils sometimes used the library and its resources while the public elementary pupils did not. Most of the secondary students sometimes made use of the libraries’ collections.

1. Library collections for students and teachers should be increased and up-dated yearly;
2. School librarians should render adequate library service to students and teachers.
3. Librarians assigned work in school libraries should have the necessary educational qualification, training and experience;
4. School libraries should be allotted with sufficient funds for its development;
5. School libraries should be provided with the necessary facilities;
6. Teachers and librarians should encourage students to make use of the library resources.

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