Monday, December 6, 1993

A Proposed Library Media Center for the University of the Philippines Integrated School


Course: Master of Library Science

School: University of the Philippines

Subject Area: Media Centers

Year of Graduation: 1993

Statement of the Problem
The main thrust of the study is the organization of a media center at the University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS). The initial task was to determine the current status of audiovisual resources and their utilization by the faculty. It proceeded to: 1. Establish the objectives and functions of a media center in the UPIS Library in relation to the mission objectives of the school; 2. Identify the needs to establish a media center for the faculty and students; and 3. Determine the needed policies and procedures to govern the administration of the center.

The descriptive method was used in this study. Two sets of questionnaires were used: one for the 15 heads/administrators and another for the 90 faculty members of the UPIS. These questionnaires were the primary tools used for data gathering, supplemented by interviews and actual observations. Secondary sources were consulted, such as the records of the Human Resource Development Office, particularly in hiring media personnel.

1. There is a need to establish a media center within the UPIS. The audiovisuals, facilities and services in the UPIS are evidently not enough to meet the teaching needs of the school.

2. Utilization of newer media resources is not maximized due to the lack of awareness by the faculty of their existence. Lack of newer media resources and equipment to service the faculty also explains this low utilization.

3. There is a need to organize the audiovisuals in the school for more effective and efficient use. A union list of audiovisual resources is urgently needed.

4. The faculty members lack courses in audiovisual education as well as training in relation to media utilization

5. There is no budget specifically appropriated for media services in the school.

It is evident from the results of the study that the UPIS should establish a media center responsible for the organization and management of audiovisual resources in order to fulfill its vital role as a partner in the school’s instructional program.

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