Thursday, December 16, 1993

A Survey of Libraries among Selected Agencies under the Office of the president with Implications toward Resource Sharing


Course: Master of Library Science

School: University of the Philippines

Subject Area: Public Libraries, Resource Sharing

Year of Graduation: 1993

Statement of the Problem
The existing resource, facilities, equipment, services and resource sharing activities of eight libraries were surveyed in an attempt to determine the possibility of establishing a library under the Office of the President.

The survey was conducted using the descriptive method of research, employing a questionnaire which was supplemented by interviews. Sixteen libraries responded and accomplished the questionnaire.

The findings revealed that in terms of location, it is feasible for the eight libraries of the following offices to engage in resource sharing: 1) Department of Budget and Management; 2) Department of Budget and Management Legal Office; 3) Malacañang Palace Library; 4) National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women; 5) Office of the President; 6) Office of the President Legal Office; 7) Presidential Library; and 8) Presidential Management Staff.

Majority of the respondents have collections organized according to standard classification scheme. Respondent librarians have positive attitude towards resource sharing. The cooperative activities they are willing to engage in are: 1) cooperative acquisition; 2) cooperative cataloging; 3) indexing of serials; 4) production of union catalog of books, production of union list of serials, sharing of tools (cataloging/classification and selection tools), interlibrary access and staff training. The respondents chose the Presidential management Staff to be the focal point for the proposed resource sharing activity.

1. A cooperative program among the eight libraries within Malacañang Complex be established;

2. A formal written agreement be drawn up to specify the responsibilities and benefits of a cooperative program and that the agreement be ratified at the highest administrative level of the agency and the library;

3. A union catalog of library resources be compiled to serve as the nucleus of the network; and

4. A continuing education program be provided to both professional and para-professional library staff.

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