Wednesday, September 1, 1971

The College Freshmen and the Library


Course: Master of Arts in Library Science

School: University of San Agustin

Subject Area: Academic Libraries

Year of Graduation: 1971

Research Problem

The study aimed to determine the degree to which the college freshmen in the University of San Agustin were familiar with the college library resources, facilities and regulations, and the extent to which these freshmen patronize the college library.


The subjects in this study were 543 college freshmen of the University, enrolled during the second semester of the school year 1967-1968 in six colleges. A five-page questionnaire-checklist consisting of two parts was used in gathering data.

Findings and Conclusions

The survey revealed the students’ lack of familiarity with the college library’s resources and facilities. Students’ knowledge about the library varied according to their field of specialization, with students enrolled in the Pharmacy-Medical Technology and Liberal Arts courses knowing most about the library while those in the Normal and Education courses knew the least. It was concluded that there is the need to instill among college freshmen the value and significance of the college library, to encourage them to avail themselves of its facilities, and to develop in them the library habit.

Source: Journal of Philippine Librarianship (4: 154-155) 1971