Saturday, May 1, 1982

Aklatang Barangay: A Self-help Project


Course: Master of Arts in Education major in Library Science

School: Philippine Normal College, Philippines

Subject Area: Barangay Reading Centers

Year of Graduation: March 1982

Libraries are the wellspring of knowledge. They are as important as the classroom in terms of learning. Hence, they are always a part of the school.

Statement of the Problem
This project was designed to set up an Aklatang Barangay in Barangay 338, District II, Sta. Cruz, Manila. It made use of the community specifically on recreation were identified. Major steps undertaken were project planning, development, implementation and evaluation.

Based from the pre-survey conducted in the planning stage involving 283 of the 377 households, there was a felt need of setting up an Aklatang Barangay in the community. The people's low economic status which primarily caused their inability to acquire or provide their families with recreational materials. The second survey proved further that an Aklatang Barangay could be set up through self-help as indicated by the responses of 448 children and youths who were respondents.

The Aklatang Barangay was housed in Barangay Center. Its initial collection included 35 books, 55 magazines and 5 sports materials. Some concerned barangay members regularly supplied the library with newspapers and magazines. After five months of operation the Aklatang Barangay was able to acquire a total number of 152 books, 191 magazines and 19 sports materials.

An evaluation was made not only to determine the attitude of people toward the library but also assess the impact of the project in the community. There were 120 users who have already availed of its services. Result of the evaluation proved that the Aklatang Barangay was worthy of the people and its continued service was highly endorsed.

Recommendations include the transfer of total responsibility to the barangay, planning a long range program for the expansion of the Aklatang Barangay, providing remuneration to volunteer staff, and coming up with a manual for the Aklatang Barangay. These recommendations were in line with the projected increase of library users.

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