Monday, March 1, 1971

A Study of Student-Librarian Relationship in the Far Eastern University


Course: Master of Library Science

School: Far Eastern University, Manila

Subject Area: Librarians, Human Relations

Year of Graduation: 1971

Research Problem

This study aimed to evaluate the nature and quality relationship existing between students and librarians of the Far Eastern University during the second semester, 1970-1971. Such aspects as physical facilities, organization of materials, personnel service, library use and other services, and student reactions and demands to such services are studied.


In gathering data for this study, the normative survey method was used. A random sample of 603 students from the Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance: Arts and sciences; education; Technology; and Graduate Studies, and 57 librarians of the university during the semester participated in the study.

Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations

One of the findings is that majority of the students were not satisfied with the library services. Students go to the library principally for research purposes. A major cause of misunderstanding between students and librarians is poor human relations on the part of the librarians. Many of the librarians are not academically prepared to perform their tasks. Among the recommendations are that provisions should be made for dialogue between students and librarians, that there be more qualified librarians, and that librarians must be more helpful with their clientele. The conclusion is that there is really a need for improvement in the library as a whole.

Source: Journal of Philippine Librarianship (4: 152-153) 1971