Tuesday, November 3, 1970

The Role of the Library in an Effective Adult Education Program in the Philippines

Course: Master of Arts in Library Science
School: University of Santo Thomas

Subject Area: Adult Education Program
Year of Graduation: 1970

This study analyzes the needs, the problems, and the advantages of an adult education program and especially shows the role of the library in planning such a program and in the achievement of its objectives. It presents a proposal that could be implemented by the National Library which should accelerate the work of adult education and help in accomplishing its goals more efficiently. For background information, a brief survey of the types of adult courses available in the public school system and of the two pilot projects being conducted at Maryknoll College, Quezon City and the Maryknoll Academy, Lucena City is given. The data on the latter projects are from the school records from 1967-1970.
Concrete suggestions as to how the librarian can help bring about a more effective adult education program are presented. Likewise, a number of suggestions for a librarian-supported plan for adult education emanating from the National Library are offered.

Source: Journal of Philippine Librarianship (3: 178) 1970.

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