Sunday, December 5, 2004

A Critical Analysis and Evaluation of the O.P Siena Archives Practices

Bumangabang, Wilma Tapaya-on (2004). A Critical Analysis and Evaluation of the O.P Siena Archives Practices. Unpublished Master’s Thesis. University of the Philippines, Diliman, Q.C.


A well-documented and unprejudiced study of its own past makes the Church more “expert in humanity” because it reveals the historical richness that lies behind her and allows her to identify herself with her essential, continuing and varied mission of enculturation and acculturation.

This study proceeds from a careful collection of all that can be documented helps out in planning a future founded on the contribution whereby memory is also prophecy. Thus, the documents preserved in the archives represent, and become an immense and precious heritage Canon Law 486 mandated each Curia to establish in a safe place a Diocesan Archives where documents and writings concerning both the spiritual and the temporal affairs of the diocese are to be properly filed and carefully kept under lock and key. In like manner, in the Acts of the 7th General Chapter, December 16-31, 1985 and the provision of the Constitutions and Directory 1988, Art. 526 of the Congregation of Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena commissioned the Progress General with the deliberative vote of her Council to appoint on Archivist to attend to the Archives of the Congregation. Hence, the Congregation of Dominican Sisters of Siena Archives (O.P. Siena Archives) serves as the repository of records for the Congregation. It will be the “official memory” of the institution, bearing witness to its activities for generations of Siena Sisters to come.

It aims to appraise, collect and organize all available records of permanent value; preserve and make available these records for use; and promote the study and appreciation of the O.P. Siena heritage and history in the Philippines to the larger community it serves and the general public. To ensure its proper administration, current archives practices being used at the O.P. Siena Archives were identified, assessed and analyzed if these conform to the standard and accepted archives practices presented.

Appropriate recommendations for the improvement of the O.P. Siena Archives practices were suggested vis-à-vis the accepted practices and the standards formulated by the International Council of Archives. Findings show that insufficient knowledge on standard archives principles and practices used turned out to be the primary problem in the O.P. Siena Archives.

Recommendations for the proper facilitation of the O.P. Siena Archives administration, based on accepted and standard archives practices were provided for implementation.

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