Wednesday, December 1, 1993

The Choice of Librarianship as a Profession by Male Library Science Students

Researcher: SHIM IN HEE

Course: Master of Library Science

School: University of the Philippines

Subject Area: Librarianship, Male Librarians

Year of Graduation: 1993

Statement of the Problem
Several factors that influenced male library science students in their choice of librarianship as a profession in the Philippines were examined. The objectives of the study were to: 1) analyze the extent of individual and social factors in influencing male students in their choice of librarianship as a profession; 2) know the demographic characteristics of male library science students, including the socio-economic status of their families as reflected by their annual income and social prestige in the community as well as the educational attainment of their parents; 3) find out the internal and external forces behind their decision-making on the choice of librarianship as a profession; 4) know the reasons why male students shifted to library science and what their future plans are.

This study used the normative survey research method using a questionnaire as a tool for gathering data. The subjects of the study were 55 male library science students enrolled in the library schools in Metro manila during the first semester, 1992-1993. The purposive sampling procedure was employed due to the small number of male students.

The findings of the study show that most of the subjects are relatively young, with some of them already married, their parents are highly educated and their economic status is above average. The decision on the choice of librarianship as a profession was made, while in college, by the students themselves as well as by other persons. If ever the students were influenced by other persons, the librarians, friends and other relatives were the ones who guided these students in their choice of librarianship as a profession. Their parents, spouses, relatives, former teachers, friends, instructors and supervisors have more favorable attitudes towards their chosen profession. The main reason for shifting to library science is disqualification from their first chosen course. When they decided to shift to library science, many of them had no prior knowledge of library science. They all preferred to work in special libraries. The library science subjects which strongly influenced their desire to pursue the degree are Indexing, Special Libraries and Information science. They all plan to seek a library job after graduation. The individual factors which have a strong influence over the male students’ decision to choose librarianship as a profession are: 1) opportunity for intellectual development; 2) opportunity to rise through one’s effort; 3) liking for books; 4) opportunity to earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree; and 5) liking for people. The social factors which influenced strongly the respondents’ decisions are: 1) immediate employment after graduation; and 2) importance of libraries in society. Based on the comparison of the mean point value of the respondents’ ratings, the male students were found to be more influenced by individual factors.

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