Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Proposed Electronic Document Management System for the Quezon Power Plant Library


Course: Master of Arts in Library Science

School: University of Santo Tomas, Philippines

Subject Area: Electronic Document Management System

Year of Graduation: 2007

Today, special libraries are confronted with various work processes, which basically support the operation of their mother organization. Organizations like power plants that manage and control large infrastructure facilities deal with a large number of various documents. The need for the maintenance and operation of numerous technical drawings, records, reports, and other documents by various organizations and stakeholders representing different locations is a major issue that could affect the effectiveness of power plant operation.

Statement of the Problem
The study focuses on the devising of an electronic documents management system (EDMS) for the Quezon Power Plant Library. However, in determining the suitability of EDMS for the Quezon Power Plant Library, the study considers the profile of the library, the different types of documents mostly needed by the clients, enabling processes embedded in an EDMS, and the processes and linkages affected by their work.

As a descriptive study, this research determines the respondents' demographic profile and the situational factors which compel the library in devising a suitable EDMS. The study involved respondents of Quezon Power Plant, majority of which, are the direct clients of the plant (86.61%), and the indirect clients (13.39%), composed of plant contractors and consultants.

Findings disclosed that in terms of serviceability, there is no significant difference between the profile of the respondents and the services provided by the Quezon Power Plant Library. In terms of accessibility, the respondent's satisfaction to the present library system and adequacy of the present library documents needed in the job does not depend on age , gender, civil status and educational attainment of the respondent group. Based on informal interview with the respondent group, it reveals that they have their common preference in accessing information from their strategic sites which lessen the time spent in going to the library and increase their productivity. The effective implementation of EDMS delivers the three components of value discipline resulting to developing a library services considering the limited number of library staff, limited library space and strategic locations of the direct and indirect clients of the library. On the whole, the library users are quite satisfied with the current library set-up but still there is a remarkable showing of their preferences to improve the services of the library which they expressed significantly. The proposed system will ease the burden of the librarian to accommodate more volumes of documents and cope up with the increasing demands of the library users at a time. Results of the study would help identify the current set-up of the library as perceived by the library users as to their preferences. The findings will also be used to support the justification of the need to implement the appropriate EDMS for Quezon Power Plant Library.

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