Wednesday, December 1, 1971

A Survey of Grade School and High School Libraries Conducted by the Missionary Benedictine Sisters in the Philippines


Course: Master of Library Science

School: University of the Philippines, Quezon City

Subject Area: School Libraries

Year of Graduation: 1971

Research Problem

This is a survey of 12 grade school and 14 high school libraries conducted by the Missionary Benedictine Sisters in the Philippines, for the school year 1969-1970, to assess their status. The study includes all aspects of the school library, such as library collection, acquisition and organization of materials, use of the library resources, library quarters and facilities, library administration, and library personnel.


The questionnaire was the basic tool used, supplemented by actual visits and on-the-spot observations of the libraries and interviews with librarians and school administrators as well as with representative groups of students and teachers.

Findings and Conclusions

Findings on the status of the libraries are presented, analyzed and then compared against existing standards, such as the PAASCU manual of Accrediting for High Schools, Bureau of Public Schools Bulletin no. 27, s. 1960, and the AASL Standard for School Library programs. In general, the libraries are found to be below the standards. Library resources are inadequate and there is an imbalance in the book collection of all the libraries. Most of the library quarters are inadequate and the facilities and equipment are insufficient. Majority of the school libraries are poorly staffed.

Source: Journal of Philippine Librarianship (4: 155) 1971

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