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An Assessment of the Library Resources and Services of Sta. Isabel College, Manila: Basis for Proposed Five-Year Development Plan


Course: Master of Arts major in Library Science

School: Centro Escolar University, Philippines

Subject Area: Library Development Plan

Year of Graduation: 2003

The call for quality education has challenged school administrators to review their educational services provided to students as well as the faculty. According to Alan Carter, "The library is the heart of the university." Thus, its services should be geared towards implementing the general program and specific educational goals of the college.

Statement of the Problem
The main thrust of the study was to assess the resources and services of Sta. Isabel College Library. Specifically, it sought to answers the following questions:

1. How were the following areas of Sta. Isabel College Library assessed by the administrators/faculty, students and library personnel: 1.1. Library Collection; 2) Library Personnel; 3) Physical Facilities; 1.4) Financial Support; and 5) Services?

2. What recommendations were made by the administrators/faculty and student respondents to improve the services and resources of Sta. Isabel College Library?

3. What proposed five-year development plan may be proposed to achieve quality resources and services of Sta. Isabel College Library?

The survey questionnaire was the main instrument and was based on PAARL Standards. The subject of the study was composed of 263 students, 30 faculty/administrators, and 3 librarians. The accomplished assessment tools were gathered for analysis, tabulation and interpretation using the statistical measures which include the percentage and frequency distribution, mean and standard deviation.

1. Assessment of the different areas of Sta. Isabel College Library.
1.1. Library Collection. The administrators/faculty respondents give a rating “very good” while the students rate the library collection as “good”. Likewise, when the students asked if the collection of books are enough to support the curriculum, it was rated also “good”.

On the assessment of library personnel, the library collection was rated “very good”. Three items are rated “excellent”: general references; up-to-dateness and relevance of the library collections. Other items were rated “good”. As whole, the library personnel rating was the highest while the students rating the lowest.

1.2. Library personnel. The administrators/faculty and librarian respondents rated the library personnel “very good” while the students perceived “good” for library personnel. The students perceived “good” in terms of efficiency and promptness of the personnel in giving service to the clientele and the efficiency in answering reference questions. This implies that the library needed to deliver more efficient service to the users. As a whole, the administrators/faculty rating got the highest while librarian was the middle and the students rating was the lowest.

1.3 .Physical Facilities. The rating given by the three groups of respondents (administrators/faculty, students and librarian) on physical facilities was “very good”. Two items was rated “excellent” by the library personnel respondents: lighting and ventilation. However, the provisions for security measures the use of computer and Internet service were rated “good”. The Information Technology section needed improvement especially in providing a functional server unit of the Internet service.

1.4. Financial Support. As to the financial support, the over all rating of the administrators/faculty respondents was “very good” while the student respondents gave rating “good” with a weighted mean of 2.70 and standard deviation of 0.65. Meaning the provisions were moderately extensive.

As perceived by the students, the responsibility to prepare, defend and administer the library budget was given to the librarian and it was rated “very good” while the following items was rated “good”: The budget allocation for library which means that the library depended only on the income generated from library fees which were not entirely used for the purchase of books and journals.

1.5. Library Services. As perceived by the administrators/faculty respondents regarding library services and use was “very good” indicating that the staff functioning adequately. Printing Services and security measures for library was rated “good” indicating the need for improvement. As perceived by the students, the services offered by library was rated “good” as over all rating. As perceived by library personnel respondents, the services was rated “very good”. However, the following were rated “good”: CD-ROM, Internet Service,Printing Service, Photocopy Service, Index to periodical collection. “Fair” was also given to item pertaining to adequate safeguard against losses,mutilation and theft. As a whole, the five areas as perceived by the administrators/faculty with weighted mean of 3.96, students with a weighted mean of 3.37 and library personnel rated the library with a weighted mean of 3.73. Over all mean is 3.69, interpreted as “Very Good”.

2. Recommendations for the Improvements of the Library
2.1. Library Collection. More informative books; books on public relation; more new books and periodicals; more references and at least two copies in every major subjects. Weeded out books that do not give enough information was another recommendation and systematic acquisition procedures must be implemented and to produce materials of limited copies.

2.2. Library Personnel. The respondents would like to have library staff who are more friendly, more considerate, reasonable, approachable and courteous. Additional staff for library was also suggested and knowledgeable librarian in all aspect of work.

2.3. Physical Facilities. The respondents suggested to have more computer and faster Internet service; upgrade and high tech facilities; better ventilation of the library.

2.4. Financial Support. There must be a clear budget in the acquisition of books for every department and additional library funds.

2.5. Service and Use. Improvement or upgrading of the Internet service and improvement of the library procedures. Other services like photo copier must be improved.

3. A proposed Five Year Development plan for the Sta. Isabel College Library.
The areas and programs were identified based on the recommendations and suggestions of the respondents are the priorities to achieve quality resource and services.

Based on the findings, the conclusions was drawn that while the library was perceived to be performing adequately, there are some areas needed to be improved such as collection, personnel, library automation, financial support and services.

1.That the proposed five-year Development Plan be adapted.
2.The same research should be replicated in the Elementary and High School levels of Sta. Isabel College.

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