Sunday, December 19, 1993

A Community Survey of Talim Island with Implications for the Establishment of Public Library Service


Course: Master of Library Science

School: University of the Philippines

Subject Area: Public Libraries

Year of Graduation: 1993

Statement of the Problem

Library services were provided to the community folk on Talim Island in order to improve their skills and knowledge and the quality of life. Specifically, it sought to determine the following: 1. Acceptance of library services; 2. Value of the library to the community; 3. Willingness of local government officials and civic organizations to support the library; and 4) Reading interests and needs of the community.


A community survey was conducted to determine the feasibility of establishing a public library and whether the islanders are ready for such a service. The following factors were ascertained: 1. population of the island; 2. literacy rate; 3. general educational background; 4. occupation; 5. reading interests; and 6. needs of the community.


The results of this study show that the parent respondents are middle-aged, within the 31-40 age group, while the children respondents are in the 13-15 age group. The educational level of mothers is higher than that of the fathers, as more mothers have college degrees. Many of the children respondents have secondary school diplomas. Most of the fathers are engaged in fishing as an occupation while the mothers are in the teaching profession. Some children do catechism work. The common language used in the Island is Tagalog but many also understand, speak and write in English language. Many of the respondents read daily and weekly, mostly newspapers and books. Significantly, comics magazines rank only fourth among the reading materials while friends are second sources of reading materials. All the respondents, both parents and children, agree to the establishment of public library services on the Island and they feel that the government should be the one to establish such services. They are willing to support and maintain it, once it is already established. The respondents chose the barangay hall as the best location in the meantime until a separate building could be constructed.


The study concluded that based on the demographic profile of respondents as to age, educational level, literacy level, reading interests and their attitude towards public library services, the time is ripe for such public library services to be established on the Island. The respondents know the value of reading and they are ready to have a public library for their use, instead of relying on the libraries in the mainland of Cardona and Binangonan of which Talim Island is a part.


The study strongly recommends that the local government start planning for the establishment of Talim Island of a public library that will be a source of information, recreational reading and education as well. The building should be a separate one but, in the meantime, it can be housed in the barangay hall. The public library must have a good starting collection and two librarians to man it. Later on, the public library can organize a “floating library” to service the other parts of the Island or to put up reading centers in every barangay. The public library, when established, must have linkages with the schools, church, government and non-government agencies, prominent families, etc. to ensure continuing support of the library. Lastly, the study recommends that the Department of education, Culture and Sports start adult education classes to reach out to the illiterate members of the community.

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