Friday, December 10, 2004

Collection Survey of Xavier School Archival Materials Towards the Development of a Preservation Program

De Luna, Ruth O (2004). Collection Survey of Xavier School Archival Materials Towards the Development of a Preservation Program. Unpublished Master’s Thesis. University of the Philippines, Diliman, Q.C.


Archives are threatened by a massive problem of deterioration and loss of collections they contain. Many collections are becoming increasing fragile and some are in danger of being lost forever.

The Problem

The problem of deterioration has several interrelated causes: inherent chemical instability of the components of archival records; unsuitable environmental conditions in areas where collections are stored; storage and handling practices; natural disasters; and theft and vandalism. For most libraries and archives, professional conservation treatment as a way to rectify the problem is, and ways will be, prohibitively expensive.


This study made use of two instruments namely, the survey questionnaire and checklist form. The questionnaire was used to identify the archival record series present in the different offices of Xavier School and to enumerate the preservation practices employed by each office. The checklist form was used to determine the state of deterioration of each archival record. Ocular inspection was also used in gathering data. Fifty one department heads from the school’s various offices were used as respondents in this study.


The results of this study revealed that the print or textual archival records of these offices are the following: minutes of meetings, annual reports, articles, attendance sheets, budget statements, correspondence, development programs, directories of officials/employees, photographs, programs and invitations, speeches and messages, students’ grades, results of tests/exams, training programs and yearbooks. The non-print materials are: audio cassettes, compact discs and video cassettes. It was also found out that most of these archival records are handled by persons with zero knowledge of archives. Likewise, this study revealed that a small number of offices believe that they are employing preservation practices. These practices include the following: binding and repair; duplication and copying; digitization, fumigation, and lamination and encapsulation. Lastly, it was found out that a significant number of archival records in Xavier School need to be treated immediately. In general, it can be concluded that these archival records can still be preserved and restored since the records are kept in an air-conditioned room.


1. An organizational component like Archives Office, Archive Mandate and appointment of person-in-charge of archival records in each department be made immediately;

2. A comprehensive Archival Policy Manual be drawn to effect a well-guided community on the importance of school archives;

3. A structured training program be made for the persons who are responsible in keeping the archival records so that they will become competent in their work;

4. A thorough study on the location of the other relevant archival records such as the different blue prints of the school and its buildings should be made; and

5. A preservation program for all school archives should be formulated to preserve and restore all the school’s archival records.

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