Sunday, December 4, 2005

Tomas Del Rosario College Library: An Evaluation with Implication on the Improvement of Information Resources and of Library Services

Tomas Del Rosario College Library: An Evaluation with Implication on the Improvement of Information Resources and of Library Services


Course: Master in Library and Information Science

School: University of the Philippines, Quezon City

Subject Area: Library Resources, Library Services

Year of Graduation: 2005

For the college library to carry out its function effectively, it has to have well-selected information resources, have adequate funding and efficient supervision and administration by a qualified librarian.

Statement of the Problem
The research study is intended to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the Tomas del Rosario College Library’s collection and services guided by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities – Commission on Accreditation (PACU-COA) standards. The focus of this appraisal is to find out whether the library’s collection is adequate enough o support the needs of its users and to know if its users and to know if its services are efficient and effective.

The study makes use of the descriptive and evaluative research designs. The population of the study consists of 1,240 individuals, 1,175 enrolled college students and 65 college faculty members. Using stratified sampling method, the sample size became 235 for the college students and 65 for the faculty members.

Results of the study revealed that the majority of the students (60) and faculty members (56.92) were satisfied with the information services in the library. The Tomas del Rosario College Library was administered and supervised by a licensed and full-time librarian. The library has a strong “Collection Development Policy” that aids the head librarian and library staff in the acquisition and selection of the different library materials. The collection consists of relevant books, serials, pamphlets, documents, non-book and Filipiniana materials. Library materials at Tomas del Rosario College Library were catalogued and classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System. The library is furnished with functional and well designed standard furniture and equipment. The library was adequately lighted, properly ventilated and acoustically suited for quiet reading. The findings of this study attest to the fact that support given by the top-level management exerts a great effect on the ability of the library to meet the information need of their faculty and students. On the other hand, the library has been able to meet their clientele’s needs satisfactorily and complied with several PACU-COA standards (except for the control and security measures). Aside from the library is managed by a qualified librarian, having her would ensure the satisfaction of the information needs of the users through easy access of quality information (Ronquillo, 2003).

1. Assessment of perceptions of library users must be done more often and regular monitoring of facilities and resources must be done to determine success or failure of library services.
2. Tomas del Rosario College Library must be provided with adequate and continuing budgetary support as a separate item from the budget allotted for the different expenditures in the institution it belongs.
3. The findings of this study will be utilized in the formulation of a resource-sharing scheme among colleges and universities in Bataan.

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