Saturday, December 10, 1988

A Survey of Information Needs and Reading Habits and Interests of the Residents of Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya: Implications for Information/Lib. Services


Course: Master of Library Science

School: University of the Philippines, Quezon City

Subject Area: Barangay Reading Centers - Nueva Vizcaya

Year of Graduation: 1988

It is generally accepted nowadays that information is vital to all kinds of development. Information is essential to individual advancement as well as for national growth. The need for information is felt at all levels of society regardless of an individual's location, social status or educational attainment.

Statement of the Problem
A study was conducted in five barangays in Bambang, Nueva Viscaya to determine the information needs, occupational pattern, reading habits and interests, subject matter and preferences and perceptions of the residents of the plan to put up a reading/ information center in the locality.

A 17-item interview schedule was used with 550 respondents consisting of 182 fathers, 184 mothers and 184 children of school-age. The house-hold samples were chosen at random. Each house-holds was compose of a father, mother and a child who is either elementary grade, high school, or college.

Most of the father respondents (37.36%) were engaged in rice farming followed by skilled workers (21.43%) with remaining 41.21 percent engaged in other jobs. The mother respondents, however, were mostly unemployed (40.22%) or engaged in teaching (22.83%) and business (21.2%). The respondents a fairly high educational attainment; 14091 percent completed elementary, 48.36 percent finished high school and 15.09 percent some college education while 20.18 percent were college graduates.

The leisure activities indicated by the respondents were reading, listening to the radio an d viewing TV, in that order. Reading was an important leisure activity for the parents respondents and children in the surveyed area. Frequency of reading was high, either daily or at list twice during the week. The father and mother respondents had similar subject matter preferences in many respects (including family life, family finance, health and hygiene). Among the children respondents, materials on school subjects were ranked highest.

In general, the respondents relied more on print media such as newspapers, magazines and pamphlets as sources of information rather than on interpersonal communication with local government officials, barangay leaders and technicians. They bought or borrowed most of their reading materials.

The respondents have very positive attitude toward the establishment of information/reading center and anticipate using one frequently as a source of reading materials.

It is recommended that the municipal government of Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya establish a public reading/ information center of the municipality with assistance from the Public Library System of the National Library. There is a need to make accessible print materials in the local languages consistent that inclusion of audio visual resources is also further recommended.

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