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Users' Evaluation of the Library of the F.L. Vargas College Tuguegarao City Based on the PACU-COA Standards: Towards A Proposed Lib. Development Plan


Course: Master of Arts in Education Major in Library Science

School: Saint Mary's University, Philippines

Subject Area: Library Development Plan

Year of Graduation: 2008

The continuing trend of knowledge explosion and the rapid advances in science and technology put emphasis on the use of the academic library by students to help them pursue their academic activities and gain knowledge beyond their textbooks and beyond their teachers' lectures. As the heart of a school institution, the library should be planned and organized to meet the needs and challenges of our rapidly advancing society especially if it speaks of quality education.

Statement of the Problem
This study aimed to describe the current status and conditions of the F.L. Vargas College Tuguegarao City Library as evaluated by the users in terms of collections, personnel, facilities, and services as a basis for coming up with a proposed development plan for the library.

Specifically, the study aimed to do the following:
1) Describe the status of F.L. Vargas College Library in terms of the collections, personnel, facilities, and services;
2) Determine the extent to which the library meets the conditions or standards provided for in the PACU-COA Library Evaluation Criteria, as evaluated by the faculty and students, with respect to: 2.1. Collections; 2.2. Personnel; 2.3. Services; and 2.4. Facilities;
3) Determine if there is a significant difference in the evaluation between the faculty and student users; and
4) Propose a development for F.L. Vargas College Library based on the result of the evaluation.

The study used the descriptive research method to describe the current situation prevailing in F.L. Vargas College Library. It also used descriptive-comparative sub-type of survey research to determine if there is a significant difference between the faculty and student users' evaluation of the F.L. Vargas College Library.

1. Status of the Library.
A) Collection. The F.L. Vargas College Library has a total general collection of books and other print materials with a total of 1,878 titles and 3,338 volumes. There are no books in Religion and Public Administration. As regards to the professional books in the degree courses, the library has a total of 659 titles of professional books and 1,840 volumes. Engineering has the highest number of titles, however, Criminology has the highest number of volumes dated 2002 and above. It was also found out that the library still lacks necessary instructional media like films, pictures, posters, sound recordings and other audiovisual materials.

B) Personnel. The F.L. Vargas College Library Tuguegarao Campus, it is composed of two (2) fulltime librarians and one (1) fulltime library aide and three (3) student assistants. In other words, it is managed by a Head Librarian, the assitant library, library aide and 3 student assistants.

C) Library Services and Usage. The F.L. Vargas College Library Tuguegarao Campus is open fifty-nine (59) hours a week; adopts a closed-shelf system; provides bulletin board; offers librarientation for firts year and transferee students; and librarians render lecture on the organization of the library, the card catalog, and others.

D) Physical Facilities. There is physical provision for reading comfort in the library. It is well-lighted, ventilated and acoustically suited for quiet reading, free from noise, attractive, properly maintained and with an atmosphere conducive to learning. It was found out that it lacks atlas stand, map stand and xerox machine. It also lacks necessary audiovisual equipment like cassette tape player, DVD player, sound system and other nonbook resources.

2. Evaluation of the Library Based on the PACU-COA Standards
A) Collections. The collection development of F.L. Vargas College Library was evaluated by the faculty members and students generally to be "Good" however, it is not the ideal situation because it is just at the middle of the scale and it needs improvement. The general collection of the library was rated by the two groups of raters to be "fair" and this implies that the acquisition of books, journals and other related reference materials is neglected.

On the other hand, professional books for degree and non-degree courses was rated "good" and the evaluation for the audiovisual materials and equipments were rated "poor." The overall evaluation of the collection in general was rated "good" which implies that there is a need to put emphasis on the holdings of F.L. Vargas College Library.

The organization of materials was rated to be "very good" since the collections are organized according to an accepted code of cataloging. However, the overall evaluation of the two raters was "good" that implies improvement with regards to the organization and care of materials.

B) Library Personnel. On the five (5) items of evaluation under library personnel, there are 3 items that were rated as "very good." It shows that the library personnel of the library are well qualified and competent in their designated positions. However, the overall rating by the two groups of raters is "good" wherein, it means there is still need for improvements.

C) Library Services. The overall evaluation of the F.L. Vargas College Library services and use by the two groups of raters is "good" that it also implies improvements. Out of the seven items of evaluation under library services, there are four items that were rated "very good" since the needs and demands of the students and faculty members are really met on the following items: that the library is open 54 hours a week; services of the librarians are available during library hours; library policies are fair and extended to all qualified clients; and they are informed of newly acquired books. However, the overall rating is "good" because the library practices the closed shelf system, no internet searching in the library, no xerox machine, viewing and listening facilities.

D) Physical Facilities. The overall rating by the two groups of raters on the physical facilities of F.L. Vargas College Library is "fair" which shows that there is a great need for improvement.

The overall summary of the respondents evaluation on the status of F.L. Vargas College Library was generally evaluated by the two raters as "good." It implies that it does not meet the conditions or standard provided in the PACU-COA library evaluation criteria.

There are a lot more things to improve in F.L. Vargas College Library namely: the space requirements that it needs relocation of the library or addtional rooms to accommodate additional acquisition and to have a space for any increase in enrollment; the holdings; collection development; organization and care of materials; library services; additional library personnels for additional library services; and the security control in the library.

3. Comparison of the faculty and Student's Evaluations.
The two groups of respondents do not significantly vary in their evaluation. This is indicated by the significance value which are higher than .05. They diffey only by the significance value of .048. Therefore, the null hypothesis is accepted that there are no significant difference between the evaluation of the faculty and student users on the extent to which the F.L. Vargas College Library meets the standard provided for in the PACU-COA library accreditation criteria, as evaluated by the faculty and students with respect to the four areas evaluated.

1. The F.L. Vargas College has inadequate collection of books and periodicals. It lacks necessary audiovisual materials and equipment which are considered as important tools of instruction.
2. Librarians are qualified and licensed but the overall evaluation indicates a need for more improvement. Space requirement is "fair," the library has a very limited space.
3. In general, the F.L. Vargas College Library does not meet the PACU-COA standards. General books and professional books are very limited. Very few are copyrighted 2002 and above. Useful audiovisual materials and equipment are lacking.
4. The two groups of respondents have similar evaluation with regards the four areas evaluated. It implies more improvement on F.L. Vargas College Library.

1. The library staff and concerned authorities should strengthen the weaknesses identified and implement relevant measures to improve the library status.
2. Re-evaluation after five year implementation of the development plan is also recommended.

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