Friday, July 2, 1993

Information Needs, Data Retrieval Practices and Problems of College Students as Information Users of St. Louis College of Tuguegarao...


Course: Master of Arts in Education major in Library Science

School: Saint Mary's College of Bayombong, Philippines

Subject Area: Information Needs, Academic Libraries - Cagayan

Year of Graduation: May 1993

Information has no value until it is used, therefore a librarian should create an awareness of information, its value sources, accessibility and acquisition. In general, the kind of information sources sought and used tend to be those easy of access and known personally to the user, regardless of the quality of the information. The working habits of the individual needing information, the importance placed on getting it, the facilities available for seeking it, their knowledge about the value, the estimate of the probability of getting what is wanted - all of these factors may affect information seeking-behavior (Atherton, 1977).

The Problem
The study attempted to describe the information needs, data retrieval practices and problems of college students as information users of Saint Louis College Tuguegarao (SLCT) during the first semester of the school year 1992-1993. Four hundred thirty five (435) randomly chosen college students comprised the respondents: a) College of Arts and Sciences/ Education = 88 b). Commerce-Secretarial/ Computer Science = 245 c). College of Technology = 102

The study employed the descriptive type of research using 3 structured questionnaires. To test the hypothesis, Coefficient of Concordance and ANOVA were used. To describe the respondents and other variables, however, means, standard deviations, frequency counts, and ranks were used. A 5-point Likert-type scale was also used to derive the descriptive equivalents of the areas in the analysis and equivalent of data gathered.

Findings and Conclusions
1.Generally, the library staff members of the SLCT are bachelor's degree holders and majority are professionally trained.

2. SLTC library has a adequate and updated collection of books and other materials that support the academic needs of its information users.

3. The greatest percentage of library for the first semester come from the CAS/ED department while the least percentage can be found in CT department.

4. Generally, library services offered by SLCT library are still the traditional services.

5. The library users of SLCT have the same information needs in terms of types of materials, organizations, special collections and subjects/ topics.

6. Generally, the library users of SLCT library employ different practices and methods on data retrieval. Specifically, they employ different methods of retrieving library date on: a) degree of independence in the use of the library, b) degree of systematic of retrieval tools, c) degree of awareness of current information, d) degree of exhaustiveness in searching/use of library materials e0 degree of orderliness on data retrieval.

7. In general, the three groups of information users have different problems encountered on data retrieval.

8. Generally, the three groups of information users have the same level of: a) degree of independence in the use of the library, b) degree of systematic of retrieval tools, c) degree of awareness of current information, d) degree of exhaustiveness in searching/use of library materials e0 degree of orderliness on data retrieval.

A. School Administrators. a) That they should study the possibilities of making school policies which requires librarians to formulate library objectives and policies for better library services in line with data retrieval, b) That the should into possibility of incorporating library science in any English subject among the three departments, c) Likewise, they should help the librarians disseminate those formulated school policies to the faculty, personnel and students.

B. Library Staff. a) That they should start introducing or improving new services with regards to data retrieval so that the library will really benefit the users, b) That they should look into possibilities of conducting an intensive library instruction so that the use of library and its resources will be comprehensively discussed. c) The library should now go on computerization to further improve its services on data retrieval.

C. Information Users. That they should be encourage to open to the maximum the lines of communication with the library staff so that group can work cooperatively for the improvement of the library and its services.

D. Researchers. That they should continue searching and discover data about information needs, practices and problems of information users.

Moreover, the study should serve as a springboard for research who who may wish to study further the needs, practices and problems on data retrieval of information users in other academic setting.

It is further recommended that college students and faculty members through the Office of the Dean of Students Affairs should continuously evaluate the library and its services, give suggestions for the development and improvement of the library.

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